theoreticalspectrum; "DAVID H PLY FUCK"



love - love


love - love

dandy soon, fellow traveler

i won’t talk about it because it’s very definitely obviously supposed to be a private thing and i want to keep it that way even if you’ll never meet the person but hoooooly shit

one time i transferred money from my chase account to my account with td and chase charged me $45 with zero notice and all banks are absolute shit

shout outs to td bank for still not being able to get me into my online banking account after two calls to customer service telling me it’s working with the third call made an hour ago and they still haven’t called back

they could just email me but ok


When I say “round out” I mean I’m totally going to draw a few more of these for a few other people I’m chill with.

Remember $30 and I’m all over doing one for ya.

i want a cyberpunk film or a video game that features something like every quote on this image

i can’t live in a world where no protagonist has ever said “shock off before i download myboot.exe into your mainframe”